In 2003, CNB & Associates was asked to formulate a development plan for this residential project in Fuzhou in Fujian Province, China.

The Project

This project is in Fuzhou City, Fujian Province. It is by the Minjiang River, and occupies a site area of about 300,000 sq. m. The total floor area to be developed is approximately 600,000 sq.m. Whilst the primary use is residential, the project also encompasses retail (around 30,000 sq. m.), club facilities, and schools.

Our Assignment

Our assignment was to formulate a development plan for the client for this project, including the positioning, theming, product mix, product features, layout, and marketing propositions for the various facilities. In-depth market studies and customer surveys were carried out to understand market competition and customer preferences.

This project is now under construction.

Minjiang River

Project Layout

Multi-storey concept

Typical Apartment Layout plan

Our Assignment

We were retained by a private sector developer, Yinrun Investment Corporation, to help them prepare development proposals and plans for the Core Area. The local government was very concerned about the operation of the project after its construction. Therefore we were asked to prepare not only the development plan, but also plans for the operations of various facilities including hotels, recreational facilities and retail centers. To ensure the development plan meets the market demand, we discussed extensively with potential operators, retail and F&B chains, and end users of the various facilities. We also investigated in detail the existing waterfront facilities (tourism, leisure, and residential) and developments in the Yangtze River Delta region as these are potential competition.

We have presented our development plan to the local government and it has been favourably received. The government is now in the process of awarding the development rights to our client. We will continue to assist the client fine tune the development plan as implementation proceeds.

Analysis of major competitive developments

Analysis of major competitive developments

Development Concept Analysis

Core Area Development Plan