In 2003, CNB & Associates (a company established by Nicholas and Margaret Brooke and professional colleagues based in Shanghai to undertake consultancy work in Mainland China) was requested to provide development consultancy, market research and feasibility study services in respect of the proposed Dongqian Lakeside New Town located to the south east of Ningbo in Zhejiang Province.

The New Town

Dongqian Lake is located about 14 km to the southeast of Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, occupying an area of 20 sq. km. It is a designated tourism region, with heritage facilities and natural scenery spots. In 2002 the city government of Ningbo decided to develop a new town by the lake, Dongqian Lakeside New Town, which is planned to take up 22 sq. km. land area and eventually accommodate a population of a quarter million or so.

The Core Area Development Project

The government plans to develop the core area of the New Town first. The Core Area is 70 ha. in site area and has extensive lake frontage. The total floor area to be developed is around 800,000 sq. m. The planned functions for the Core Area include residential, commercial and recreational uses to support the New Town and the larger Dongqian Lake tourism region. The Core Area is to be developed by the private sector, with basic infrastructure installed by the government.

Our Assignment

We were retained by a private sector developer, Yinrun Investment Corporation, to help them prepare development proposals and plans for the Core Area. The local government was very concerned about the operation of the project after its construction. Therefore we were asked to prepare not only the development plan, but also plans for the operations of various facilities including hotels, recreational facilities and retail centers. To ensure the development plan meets the market demand, we discussed extensively with potential operators, retail and F&B chains, and end users of the various facilities. We also investigated in detail the existing waterfront facilities (tourism, leisure, and residential) and developments in the Yangtze River Delta region as these are potential competition.

We have presented our development plan to the local government and it has been favourably received. The government is now in the process of awarding the development rights to our client. We will continue to assist the client fine tune the development plan as implementation proceeds.

Analysis of major competitive developments

Analysis of major competitive developments

Development Concept Analysis

Core Area Development Plan